I literally am a kpop fanatic. BTS, GOT7, BIGBANG, iKON I love them all! Jungkook Oppa and Jimin Oppa are bae! Seriously how are they so perfect?! *moaaannn*

It all started when I stumbled upon a YouTube Music Video called ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ and my eyes gazed upon the lovely Jimin Oppa. Then my life fell down a wormhole and I’ve been sucked into the world of KPOP. Got7’s Mark Hyung and JaeBum Hyung just makes me melt. When JaeBum sang his part in Hard Carry I FUCKING LOST IT!

BTS is having a concert in Fukuoka in June and I’m dying because I can’t go thanks to the #brokelife *cries eyes out for weeks*

GD from BIGBANG is to hot for words he is a god on legs.  He is so cool and is such a fashion  influencer that it gives me the chills. Korea in general is such a fashionable country that I am sooo jealous. GD and T.O.P are both hot, but when T.O.P went to the military I cried. However their song FXXX it is so good so it makes up for that fact.

BLACKPINK is also so cool! Lisa is my favourite tho, her rapping and dancing skills are so amazing plus she has amazing style. Rose is also so awesome, did anyone see the BLACKPINK practice video? GOD those dancing skills amaze me to the end.

Seriously if anyone is reading this and is as KPOP crazed feel free to talk to me cause I could go on for dayssss.

xxx, Aiwa. 🥑

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