So there has been a massive Korean Beauty Avalanche in Japan and its crazy! SO I decided why not make a blog post about famous Korean beauty products in Japan! *cues applause*

  1. Lip Tints

There has been a massive boom of lip tints in Japan recently the most popular colours being red and pink. The lip tints or lip stains are a like a light liquid lip stick and it makes your lips appear a bit pinkier or redder. The most popular lip tint is by Etude House or by Tony Moly.


(that’s my friend)

2. Downwards Eyeliner

In Korean achieving a cute puppy eye look is the goal so they draw their eyeliner downwards to achieve that dewy eyed look. It makes you look cuter and more innocent. Using a bit of pencil liner you draw on your waterline, but only to the center of the waterline. A very popular eyeliner in Korea is the Tony Moly Gel Liner.


「tony moly eyeliner」の画像検索結果

3. Circle Lens / Colour Contacts

Having big eyes is the dream in Korea plus some fun colours is always new and exciting! Most of the time the contacts are a bit bigger than your actual eyeball so it makes your eyes appear bigger for anyone who feels that they have small eyes *cough, cough, me*. A popular color contacts in Japan are by Candy Magic.

That’s about all I have at the moment, but if you enjoyed it please like and I’ll post a part 2!

xxx, Aiwa. 🥑


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