Since March is coming to an end very soon I decided to post some of my favorites this month. Including makeup, accessories and more keep reading to find out!

Please be aware that I don’t have extravagant things and these are only some of my favorites.  Also apologies in advance for the bad camera quality!

  1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

This lip cream has been everything to me this past month, most of the dark lip formulas from NYX have been a little difficult to apply, but this dark maroon color is perfect and applies very smoothly, only complain I have is that it tends to dry out your lip after a while. But I 100% recommend this to anyone who loves dark lip shades.

2. Candy Magic 1 Day Color Contacts

These color contacts are amazing! They are in the shade “Jupiter Muse” The diameter is 14.5 mm and the height? is 8.80mm and are very soft on the eyes. The color is a turquoise, yellow black and are super pretty. I honestly wish I had this eye color *sighh*

3. Watch from H&M

This watch is very minimalistic and is a great way to accessorize your wrist. I actually got this watch at H&M for around $18 so, it’s super inexpensive and can make your outfit pop.

That’s it for my March Favorites I know it was super short,but if you enjoyed it please like this post!

xxx, Aiwa. 🥑


Author: aiwaswonderland

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