Spring OOTD 🌼

Spring has officially arrived! So to commemorate I decided to post a OOTD for you guys! Today outfit was inspired by the Princess of R&B AALIYAH! Tommy Hilfiger has sort of been her signature for so long and so this is what I came up with, hope you guys like it! For this outfit you will need:

  • A Denim Jacket
  • Damaged Jeans
  • A Tommy Hilfiger bandeau
  • Some Hoop Earrings

I am wearing no makeup so please mind the face.

For my Hoop Earrings I got them at H&M in a set so they’re super inexpensive and easy to accessorize with any of your outfits. This outfit is perfect for a chill day out to hang with some friends. I’m actually in love with this look so I definitely recommend and if you decide to try this look tag me on Instagram @aiwaotani

xxx, Aiwa 🥑.


Author: aiwaswonderland

✐1 5 ✐grunge life ✐KPOP✐procrastinator/perfectionist✐TWENTY ØNE PILOTS 🌹✐author of aiwaswonderland✐

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