Drawing Inspired Makeup Look 🌿🍯

Welcome back Wonderers! For this post I saw a drawing on Pinterest from this amazing artist on Instagram called @procrastiartist (go follow her), she draws animation/drawings that are amazing. I saw this one post that I had to recreate so I will be showing you how I got this look, here you go!

Make sure to comment below how well I did! First in this drawing the main point is the eyebrows, their very defined so that’s what I started off with.

Brush your eyebrows upwards, draw your eyebrows thick and straight then fill them in.

For my eyebrows I used the Elf Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit in the shade Medium *$3.00*.

If you look closely you’ll see that there is a faint pink shade around her eyes so I do what I always do and applied some light pink blush all over my lid and applied a more burnt pink on my outer corner and blended it in with a fluffy eye shadow brush *TIP: Make sure to blend it in to you lower lash line to make it look more clean*. Finally I added some light pink highlight on my inner corners.

Next are the eyelashes as you can see in the drawing her bottom lashes are quite long and defined. First I curled my lashes and applied mascara

I used my Elf Cosmetics Mineral Infused Mascara in Black *$3.00*.

Since this is a more subtle look I didn’t draw eyeliner, but if you want to then go ahead.

Now for some nose highlight, apply a gold or silver highlight on the tip of your nose to add that glow.

For lips I didn’t have a lipstick in this exact shade so I mixed to colours together.

And that is all I did for this makeup look!

Courtesy of Pinterest


xxx, Aiwa 🥑


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